Salomon Soft Cup Speed 150ML

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Reduce your amount of waste on race day by using the Salomon Soft Cup Speed 150mL/5 oz. It comes in a conveniently small size that can be crushed and stowed just about anywhere. Also, an integrated loop ring makes storage simple while preventing tipping when in use. PLAY HYDRATED Claim:Super-stowable soft cup. Description:Since the SOFT CUP SPEED 150ml/5oz goes with you to every race, make it follow the no-bounce rule! This one is soft so you can stow it in a pocket. Or use the loop and clip it for easy access.? Benefit 1:Easy access : Use the loop to clip it for easy access. Benefit 2:Stowable : Stashes easily in a pocket so it?s easy to grab. Benefit 3:PVS and Bisphenol-A free : A cup you can feel good about: PVS and Bisphenol-A free. Fabrics:TPU (thermoplastic Polyurethane) Dimensions:15 x 10 cm Volume:0.15 l / 9.15 ci Pack weight (g):12