Lightfeet Arch Support Thongs

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Super Comfy Arch Support Thongs

Lightfeet Arch Support thongs are designed by Aussie Sports Podiatrists to feel super comfy all day long thanks to superior arch support


The result is a stylish looking thong that gives you all day comfort thanks to superior arch support.

And since they’re made with soft and cushioning recycled materials, you can feel good about wearing them while your feet feel super comfy all day long. Add to this the improved stability and T-bar design (that prevents toe clawing) and you’ve got a stylish pair of arch support thongs that won’t fall off your feet.

Lightfeet Arch Support thongs are also designed to include podiatry contours that offer relief from heel pain (and even plantar fasciitis). Designed with a deeper heel cup and longitudinal + transverse arch support, these thongs provide therapeutic benefits that are unique to the Lightfeet Arch Support thong.