Koda Electrolyte Tablets 8 Pack

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  • KODA Electrolyte Tablets are sugar free formula with a slight effervescence.
  • The reason for the sugar free formulation is to allow you to add more tablets to your water if required. The fact is we are not all the same and we lose varying amounts of sodium in our sweat. 
  • Being able to address your losses more appropriately means minimising your percentage of loss, which means better performance.

Hydration is consuming a fluid to combat the negative effects of dehydration, which in turn minimises the impact on how our active muscles and brain performs.

The key to an effective hydration strategy is understanding what you are losing most of and how those losses impact on your performance. The main components of sweat loss are water and electrolytes. The water that ends up on your skin and evaporated to assist with cooling comes from the water component of your blood. Blood is approximately 80% water and as you lose sweat, it reduces the water component of your blood. This is turn reduces blood volume, which means you have less blood available. Your blood is the transporter for oxygen, glucose and nutrients to assist in muscle and brain function.

As this blood volume reduces it impacts on how efficiently oxygen, glucose and nutrients are being transported around the body. Obviously the greater the blood volume loss, the less efficient this delivery will be. Another factor when the water component of your blood is reduced, it changes your blood viscosity. Your blood becomes thicker and your heart needs to pump faster and harder to push this thickened blood around your body.

The other important component is the electrolytes lost in sweat. Sodium is by far the most abundant electrolyte lost in sweat and the reason that it requires the most attention when planning a hydration strategy. Sodium is extracellular, meaning that it is mostly present in the bloodstream and it is for this reason that you lose more sodium in your sweat than other electrolytes.