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representative of the color red and its symbolism of the sun in Japan, the METASPRINT Tokyo track spike features an exclusive colorway that’s inspired by an athlete’s burning passion to compete.This shoe is designed to equip competitive sprinters with a blend of power and stability to better their performance. With accumulated knowledge and development for sprint spikes done at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), this shoe is designed shorten the time period of contact with the ground while enabling propulsion with each stride.

Constructed with a proprietary mesh upper that wraps the foot with a second skin feel, this textile is also approximately 54% lighter than traditional mesh fabrics while still enabling the same degree of durability. Complemented with DYNAWRAP technology, this shoe offers supportive paneling along the base of the laces, over the arch and in the midsole to securely hold the foot on the shoe’s platform.

Assisting track and field sprinters to generate powerful strides, the METASPRINT Tokyo model incorporates a honeycomb carbon fiber outsole plate to eliminate the need for spikes (pins). This outsole design allows sprinters to improve propulsion during strides because of its improved ground contact, rather than contact with pins.Proprietary mesh upper that wraps the foot with a durable second skin feel DYNAWRAP technology, this shoe offers supportive paneling to securely hold the foot on the shoe’s platform