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Did you know that the optimal speed for most motor vehicles is between 30 and 50 MPH? Increasing your highway cruising speed from 55 to 65 MPH can increase your car’s fuel consumption by as much as 20%! But enough about cars, as a runner you too have an optimal pace. The COROS POD provides advanced metrics including power and form data to help turn you into a smarter and more efficient runner.

Efficiency is Key

A ratio of speed to power-to-weight measures how much energy is involved in propelling your body forward. When your speed increases and your power decreases, you are improving your efficiency. Using this metric in conjunction with all of the other great data provided by the POD, you can train to become a more efficient runner – whether that allows you to run faster, farther or both is up to you.

Power Up

Ever been told by a coach or running buddy to run how you feel? Not quite sure how to gauge effort – well now the POD takes away the guess work. COROS POD taking into account your weight, speed and several other inputs will calculate your Running Power laterally, vertically and most importantly horizontally (forward propulsion). Running Power along with other key metrics like HR is a great tool to measure effort, as it will take more power to run uphill as it does to run the same pace on flat terrain.

Improve your Form

The COROS POD provides several great metrics to improve your running form. Some like Cadence and Stride length are offered on our GPS watches, while the POD also introduced new stats such as Stride Height, Ground Contact Time and Left/Right Balance. Elite Runners run faster and longer, because they spend less time on the ground, while using nearly all of their energy to move them forward rather than into the air. By staying closer to the ground, and having quicker steps, they also typically have a higher cadence (180 Strides or more per minute). A left/right balance that deviates too far from 50/50 can indicate an impending injury. Use these data points to improve your form, avoiding costly running injuries.

Clip on and Go!

While pairing your COROS POD with an existing COROS GPS Watch will enhance your overall experience, the POD also works on its own via the COROS App. If you do not yet own a COROS GPS watch, pair the POD with the COROS app on your phone, select the designated run mode and just start running. When you finish, view all of your great data instantly on the COROS app and sync your info to third party sites like STRAVA or Training Peaks.

* Using POD with your watch will significantly increase your watch workout battery consumption.

Technical Specifications:

Weight 19 g
Waterproof 1 ATM (10 m/32 ft)
Pod Type Waist
Connection BLE/ANT+
Battery CR2032
Battery Life 1 Year (2 Hours/Day)
Compatibility COROS Watch & COROS App
Run Efficiency Yes
Power Yes
Power Analysis Yes
L/R Balance Yes
Stride Height Yes
Stride Ratio Yes
Ground Time Yes
Stride Length Yes
Cadence Yes