Blackroll Flow Foam Roller Medium

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  • Revolutionary surface

  • Smooth rolling in one direction and active stimulation by a hard edge in the other

  • Multiplies the interaction between hydration and blood circulation


The BLACKROLL® FLOW combines contrasting effects into a harmonious whole: smooth rolling and powerful stimulation. The effects multiply: The fascia are rehydrated and the blood circulation of the tissue specifically stimulated. Faster rolling also generates a feeling of vibration, which is particularly useful for activation before exercise.


We recommend the BLACKROLL® FLOW to any engaged athlete who wants to maximize the effects of rolling for activation and recovery. The FLOW is based on the competent feedback of our experts in medicine and sports, and is entirely intuitive to use. It delivers palpable results fast, making it our newest all-rounder. 

Both rolling directions are individually applicable and if required perfectly combinable.

The FLOW is a foam roller based on the Standard (Medium) density and is therefore notably softer than the sometimes gnarly BLACKROLL® GROOVE. The FLOW also vibrates smoother without a trace of ‘jumpiness’.

BLACKROLL® presented its first roll with a dynamic surface in 2013: The BLACKROLL® GROOVE. Its ripped surface allows you to increase blood flow within your connective tissue at a whole new level. When rolling fast you can create a feeling of vibration that is especially helpful in activating your body before training. Inspired by the experiences we had with the BLACKROLL® GROOVE and the feedback we got from experts and athletes alike we decided to take this project one step further. The revolutionary design of our new BLACKROLL® FLOW unites two philosophies: The smooth roll out of the fascia and the activating stimulus via a sharp edge. Both rolling directions are easily combinable. The reciprocity of both effects (hydration and blood flow) potentiates the rolling experience. In comparison the FLOW feels smoother than the GROOVE as its vibrations are less rough. We recommend the BLACKROLL® FLOW to every ambitious athlete who wants to maximize the effects in both activation and regeneration. The intuitive use and the immediate results make the BLACKROLL® FLOW our new allrounder.