Altra Women's FWD Experience

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The Womens FWD Experience is Altra's first road running shoe featuring a low 4mm heel to toe drop, making it a great choice for runners who want to experience the comfort of the unique Altra roomy toe box design. Compared to the standard zero drop in other Altra styles, the 4mm heel drop will provide a transition for new runners to Altra.

The Altra FWD Experience is designed for a soft and comfortable feel, featuring compression molded midsole cushioning and a high 32mm stack height. Its rocker construction promotes a quicker gait cycle and ensures nimble movements while running. Built with the Standard FootShape Fit, your toes have enough space to spread out for a natural and comfortable running experience. 

Places your heel and forefoot the same distance from the ground to encourage proper, low-impact form throughout your trail run.

Allows the toes to relax and spread out naturally and the big toe to remain in a straight position for more stability and a powerful toe-off to maximize running performance.


Lightweight, responsive compression-molded midsole foam that encourages efficiency and an effortless feel.


Our rocker shape geometry is designed to give the feeling of being propelled forward with each step and provides an efficient toe-off without taking away from your natural stride.

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